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A catastrophic injury in a car accident is something no one expects to happen, and no one realizes how expensive it may be to recover from an accident-related injury until it happens to them. Those who have been injured in an automobile accident often have to pay a large amount of money to cover the costs of their recovery, their medical care, and their long-term well-being.

Medical expenses
Ambulance bills
Medical equipment
Mobility aids
Chiropractic sessions
Massage therapy
Strength-training exercise programs
Short-Term Disability Claim

How to Make a Short-Term Disability Claim in Oakville

In the event of an injury or sickness that renders you unable to work for an extended period of time, short-term disability (STD) insurance may be used to restore lost wages. You may be eligible for up to six months of disability benefits under your employer’s plan. Talk to your employer’s human resources department for further information on your plan, including any sick or vacation policies that may be in place. The Employment Insurance (EI) sickness benefits may be available to those who do not have short-term disability coverage from their employer.

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How to Make a Long-Term Disability Claim in Oakville

Long-term disability is defined differently by the government and insurance companies in Ontario. A long-term disability is defined by the government as a disability lasting longer than fifteen weeks. Most long-term disability policies are in effect within six months of signing up with an insurer. So, they define a long-term handicap as one that lasts more than six months.

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