Ontario’s five most important things to know about getting disability benefits

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Ontario’s five most important things to know about getting disability benefits

The term “disability” is used in your insurance policy

If your employer’s group insurance plan or the insurance policy you pay for privately offers coverage for disability benefits, if you are no longer able to work because of your newly acquired medical condition, you might be entitled to disability benefits. Every policy’s eligibility requirements are different, but many people with the approrpiate level of coverage receive disability benefits if they suffer from heart disease, back problems, chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, paralysis, severe mental health conditions, and other disabling medical issues.

If you are unsure whether your current medical condition qualifies you to receive disability benefits under the terms of your insurance plan, contact our Ontario disability benefits lawyers for a free initial consultation.

Medical evidence may be required

In order to substantiate your claim, when applying for disability benefits through your insurance provider, you may be required to include thorough, compelling medical evidence proving the severity of your conditions and the preventative impact it has on your ability to perform the duties of your job.

You can also keep a journal about your impairments, which is another way to record your medical condition by providing real-time updates about your symptoms and pain, as well as how your treatment plan is going. Journaling is not the same as posting about your injury on social media, however. In fact, you’ll want to be extremely careful to avoid any photos or discussions about your injury.

Other evidence might be beneficial

Collateral evidence is information about your injury or impairment that won’t be on a medical report, but what friends and family can offer about your condition in addition to a doctor’s testimony.

Statements from your employer could also be beneficial. Your employer will likely have an understanding of your day-to-day experience while trying to cope with your medical condition in the workplace, and should be able to attest to the way your work has been impacted by the injuries you have sustained or illness you have contracted.

Filing your claim

Submitting a claim for disability benefits can be a complicated, stressful process. Certain deadlines must met, specific information must be included, and failure to adhere to an insurance company’s terms or conditions may result in your claim’s denial. Before submitting your claim, consider contacting our Ontario disability benefits lawyers. During a free initial consultation, our disability lawyers serving Ontario may be able to review your situation and advise on steps you should consider taking before submitting your claim.

Contact our disability lawyers if your claim is denied

Even after submitting sufficient, compelling medical evidence and adhering to all of your insurance company’s deadlines, your claim for disability benefits could still be denied for a number of reasons. Many policyholders’ claims are denied, even though their medical conditions make it impossible for them to continue working. If this has happened to you, contact Oakville Disability Lawyers today. By taking advanatge of a free initial consultation with our Ontario disability benefits lawyers, you will have the opportunity to review your situation and receive personalized legal advice about options that might be available to you. To learn more, call us today – or book your free initial consultation by texting us, emailing us, live chatting with us or filling out an online consultation form.